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The New York Times

To Spoon: An Ice Cream Maker’s World of Flavors

Though she grew up in North Carolina, Pooja Bavishi remembers tastes of saffron, masala, cardamom, fennel and rose water. These seasonings permeated the cooking of her mother, who emigrated from Gujarat in northwestern India. So when Ms. Bavishi, who has a degree from the Stern School of Business at New York University, decided to make ice cream professionally, those were the flavors to which she turned. She started selling her ice cream at the Hester Street Fair, and now sells containers and pops of masala chai, ginger root, Turkish coffee and several others, online. The ice creams, made without eggs, are delectably creamy yet light.

The Gothamist

Malai's Turkish Coffee was excellent--bold, creamy, deeply satisfying--and made me wish I had room to try several of her other varieties as well.

Business Insider

(Malai's) unexpected spice mixes and light, extra-creamy consistency set them apart.